Dr Nhon D Thai is a male General Dentist who speaks Vietnamese (as well as English).

As a dental practitioner, my focus is on providing dental treatment best suited to each individual patient. My emphasis has always been on maintaining excellent oral hygiene as the corner stone to great dental health as well as restoring the function of the teeth by replacing defective or old restorations.

I graduated in 1995 from the University of Melbourne with honours and was fortunate to have a great mentor while working in Shepparton, country Victoria. I found the people extremely receptive and friendly. Work was challenging and I was able to hone my skills over the next few years.

I have also spent 3 years abroad in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and gained an appreciation of the different facets of dentistry practiced. However, I did grow homesick and really missed Melbourne’s diverse food and culture. I believe this is what makes our city unique and a great place to live and call home.

I was keen to build ties with the local community when I moved to nearby Brunswick many years ago and happily found this with Williams Landing Dental Clinic. In my opinion dentistry is not only about practicing excellent clinical work but also establishing rapport with patients to develop a trusting relationship. Having a great support team to help in the practice is essential.